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Film School

2009-05-23 07:12:53 by Scty

I finish film school in like five days, holy shit.... it's been a long and stressful, yet educational road, definitely glad I did it.

In other news, I was just at the premiere of my team's 48 Hours film comp, it was this crazy competition where we were given a theme, character, line of dialogue and a prop, and we had to make a film sticking to those in 48 hours, this is ours... I've decided i'm never EVER acting in my own film again.

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Fat Fuck

2008-07-18 23:19:58 by Scty

From THIS DAY forth, until an undisclosed time.
- Burger King
- McDonalds
- Shit from Foodtown

I'm so glad I don't smoke, this is going to be the MEAN detox.

Schooooooools out.... for... EVER

2007-11-21 23:44:55 by Scty


I just finished my 2 exams today, I had a Media exam in the morning, and then *shudder* calculus in the afternoon. Some of the questions took me by surprise, and someone dropped one off during the Media exam and killed everyones fun. But otherwise, i'm EXTREMELY glad those bloody things are over with. Time to PARTY!!!

Okay so this means I have a WHOLE lot more free time, though I do still have to work to pay off my whopper of a student loan for next year ( $9k x_x ). So I guess you can expect to see more artwork from me, "Better than Broke" the webcomic, and a topsecret flash project i'm working on =D.

I'm extremely happy at the moment, although.. it hasn't quite settled in with me that school IS finally over forever. Theres definitely going to be some people i'll miss. But i'll see a bunch of them at the leavers dinner next month =). OH YEAH, I passed my driving test, second time 'round =D. So now I can drive to places that aren't my school!

What else happened today... umm, well the "brand-new, specially designed sports drink top system" at the top of the bottle of MiZone that I bought today broke... in my bag, and this new design is so amazing that, all of the liquid comes out at once! =0. So all the crap that was in my bag... and my bag... and my LEG, and the linoleum floor. Was covered in passionfruit juice =). Yum... I'm thinking about complaining, anyway, that's it from me for now =P. Talk to you lot later!